the ADVANCE: A Cultural Competence Academy for Leaders

Why Attend

Targeted Audience

  • A diverse nationwide cross-section of thought leaders, mid-level managers and senior executives from nonprofit, educational, public and corporate organizations

Why Attend

  • Take your place in practicing cross-functional transformational approaches to cultural challenges and opportunities facing today's fast paced and complex organizations
  • This session will arm attendees with the "business case" for stakeholder inclusion and relationship management

Focus and Objectives

The areas of focus and objectives for the ADVANCE are as follows: Participants will have an opportunity to:
  • Increase understanding and learn ways to bridge race, cultural and systemic differences
  • Increase understanding of their own and others' identity development process
  • Improve intrapersonal, interpersonal and cultural competence skills
  • Increase understanding of the elements of a culture and how to effectively lead inclusion and culture transformation initiatives
  • Increase ability to effectively lead in today's diverse and ever changing global market

Key Outcomes

  • Widen your repertoire of dialogue and techniques in the critical skill set of "cultural competence"
  • Receive mentorship to create systems for performance management, issue resolution and navigating change in organizational settings
  • "Point of Difference" coaching from experts in the field
  • Multi-industry session on how brands become quickly under-leveraged due to weak inclusion systems
October 18-20, 2013 | Minneapolis, MN
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