the ADVANCE: A Cultural Competence Academy for Leaders

Ready to lead in today’s ever-changing diverse community and global market? Attend the ADVANCE!

October 18-20, 2013 | Minneapolis, MN

The ADVANCE: A Cultural Competence Academy for Leaders, aims to engage a diverse cross-section of thought leaders from public, nonprofit and corporate sectors in rich discourse, curriculum and activities designed to position leaders to co-construct solutions and lead race relations, gender equity, sexual orientation, cultural competence, and inclusion culture change efforts. Participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Discover ways to bridge race, cultural and systemic differences
  • Understand pathways to achieving gender equality in the workplace and community
  • Strengthen skills essential to fostering an inclusive culture where members work effectively across and leverage racial, gender, generational, nationality, religious, sexual orientation and other forms of identity differences
  • Enhance self-management, interpersonal and cultural competence skills
  • Learn how to effectively lead inclusion and culture transformation initiatives
  • Improve ability to promote positive relations and effectively lead and provide services/products in today’s ever-changing diverse community and global market.


Dr. Tony Byers

Global Diversity & Inclusion at Starbucks

Stedman Graham

Best Selling Author, Educator, Entrepreneur
CEO, S. Graham & Associates

Cindy Kent

VP and General Manager
Gastro/Urology Therapies, Medtronic, Inc.


Susan Dreyfus

President and CEO
Alliance for Children and Families, Milwaukee, WI

Rudolph A. Johnson, III

President and CEO
Neighborhood House Association, San Diego, CA


Dr. Sheryl Gee

Training and Organization Development/InnoVisions
Neighborhood House Association, San Diego, CA

Undraye Howard

VP, Center on Leadership
Alliance for Children and Families, Milwaukee, WI


Chanda Smith Baker

President and CEO
Pillsbury United Communities, Minneapolis, MN


Ian Bautista

United Neighborhood Centers of America

Antonio Cardona

Urban Institute for Service and Learning Director

Tawanna Black

President & Consultant
Innovations by Design

Keesha Gaskins

Senior Counsel
Brennan Center for Justice

Laura Pinsoneault

Director of Evaluation and Research for the Alliance for Children and Families

Chris Stewart

African American Leadership Forum

Mala Thao

Partner Relations Officer
Minnesota Philanthropy Partner

Laura McCarten

Regional Vice President of Northern States Power, Minnesota

Chad Schwitters

Urban Homeworks Executive Director

Caroline A. Wanga

David Nicholson

Program Director
Headwaters Foundation

Alfonso Wenker


The ADVANCE provides an ideal forum for public, nonprofit and corporate thought leaders to exchange ideas and collaborate on ways to address their own complex cultural challenges, while also developing solutions to assist in bringing hope, healing, and help to underserved communities across the nation.
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